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The Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC) is very pleased that the Illinois House of Representatives amended HB 2629 on April 20 in response to concerns raised by IHCC and others. The amendment will give Latino, Black and other businesses owned by minorities more access to Illinois state contracts. The bill’s new language is a very positive response to the concerns raised by our organization.

After discussions with the sponsor of HB 2629, State Representative William Davis, Rep. Barbara Hernandez and several members of the Latino Caucus, the text of HB 2629 was adjusted to increase  access to all contracts in Illinois to the  thousands of small businesses owned by Hispanics, Blacks, Women, people with disabilities and other minorities. This includes extensive opportunities for Latino-owned construction companies that will gain more access to projects funded by the Rebuild Illinois capital program.

IHCC publicly called for change and to ensure that the bill was fully inclusive of the Latino business community. HB 2629 no longer establishes a percentage of state contracts for specific groups. The new language ensures that access is given evenly to all minorities in the state.

The IHCC is pleased with the changes made to the text of HB 2629. “Our job is to ensure fair, transparent, and equal conditions for our small businesses and companies that contribute taxes, job creation, and economic development to Illinois,” said Jaime di Paulo, President & CEO of the IHCC.


“This decision by the IL House of Representatives is of great importance to all minority business owners. We are honored and proud to have called for a re-examination of the language in the bill and that our concerns have been fully considered and addressed. We are ready to assist Latino businesses to access these opportunities in Illinois government contracting.

The last amendment to the bill will read as follows:

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