Our 1st ever 360º Virtual Business Expo


“Connect with thousands of Hispanic businesses and establish relationships with leaders from Corporate America, Elected Government officials, and Agencies.”

What is the IHCC 360º Virtual Business Expo?

It’s time to reactivate your business. The IHCC’s innovative 360° Virtual Business Expo will place you on the road to recovery. Connect with thousands of Hispanic businesses and establish relationships with leaders from Corporate America, Elected Government officials, and Agencies. Network with potential customers, find new suppliers, and learn from expert panelists about digital transformation, leveraging minority status for government contracts, among others. All from the comfort of your home!

The IHCC has partnered with Kreativa, a Chicago based digital transformation agency, to create this unique immersive environment, specially designed to leverage 360° and virtual reality technologies to create a unique and stimulating remote networking environment.

Frequently asked questions

IHCC 360° Virtual Business Expo is a business to business trade show attracting thousands of Illinois Business Owners looking to buy products & services from vendors like you. The IHCC represents a community of over 100,000 Hispanic business owners. Latinos in Illinois have a collective purchasing power of over 53 Billion dollars. By exhibiting in IHCC’s 360° Virtual Business Expo you will
experience first-hand the strong community we serve.

For Example:
• Reach your target audience
• Massive Brand Exposure
• Generate quality sales leads
• Connect with decision-makers

The main hall lobby includes exclusive display spaces that will highlight the
main sponsors as well as all participating brands.
There are different types of stands and sponsorships levels available.

Please download the brochure below for more information.

May 5-7, 2021

This is a fully digital event taking place online and consists of live and on-demand sessions, as well as a 360 Virtual Expo where you may network with potential buyers, suppliers, business owners, government officials, and agencies

IHCC’s 360º Virtual Business Expo will be on May 5-7, 2020. We are still working on securing some of our speakers and will be updating the agenda in the upcoming weeks. Note this conference is taking place in U.S. Central Time Zone.

This event is free to attend! You can register to attend here. There is a voluntary 100% tax-deductible donation, we appreciate your support to the IHCC!

IHCC’s 360º Virtual Business Expo is open to businesses of all sizes. It will bring together a community of C-Levels, Directors, Heads, VP’s, Senior Managers, and Entrepreneurs who likely are your potential clients, partners, and suppliers.

Explore and learn new topics and network with fellow virtual attendees!

You may register to attend by clicking here. Alternatively, if you wish to become a sponsor or an exhibitor, click here.

As this event will be held online, we can’t be certain of how many people will attend as there is no precedent to base from, however, we have made arrangements to be able to host tens of thousands at a time. IHCC’s past expos (although none of them have been virtual), has received thousands of attendees over the years and we are optimistic about attracting similar numbers to our first 360 Virtual Business Expo.

Yes, we will be updating the agenda here, please check back regularly as we are securing some very exciting experts to share their knowledge about digital transformation, business reengineering, design thinking, as well as other relevant topics to help your business get back on track during this unprecedented times.

We recommend following us on Twitter, Facebook, and our blog, as we will be posting regular information and updates about the event there.

In our unique and innovative Expo and Virtual exhibition halls, you will be able to interact with all the sponsors and exhibitors in a very unique and fun way. Each booth, depending on their sponsorship level, will have links to live chats, video calls, or different communication tools through their social media channels and other direct links.

We are encouraging all exhibitors to provide promo-codes, coupons, and unique giveaways to participants.

Although the list is growing, the preliminary speakers can be found here.
Although the list of sponsors is growing, the current sponsors can be found here.

You can find more details about getting involved here. You can also get in touch with Amanda Chavez via email achavez@ihccbusiness.net or  (312) 425 9500 who will be happy to provide further information and possibilities.


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