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The Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC) supports conversations and actions that advance equality and opportunities for minority participation in all areas of our lives.

We have fought to represent not only our Hispanic members, but also women, veterans, and other minority partners.

We applaud the General Assembly and Governor JB Pritzker for taking actions that level the playing field for everyone.  However, House Bill 2629 will hurt Hispanic, women, veterans, and other minorities that are not African American.

HB2629 would effectively require the State of Illinois to set aside 20% of its contracts for African American owned firms.  This would exclude other minority groups from winning those State contracts.

Other minority groups would be excluded from billions of dollars of opportunities across multiple industries, including the construction and engineering industries which are among the largest job-generating and tax-paying sectors in Illinois.

The State of Illinois and all of its residents would be better served by legislation that focuses on creating a level playing field for everyone, not legislation that would only benefit one group of people.

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