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For any Italian, Frank Sinatra is a classic. An old Ferrari is another classic. And the Sunday family pasta, homemade by “mamma”, is a classic of classics.

“No c’é amore più sincere, dell’ amore per il cibo.” (There is no love more sincere than the love for food, says a Sicilian saying).

In the land of DaVinci’s magic oils and Verdi and Puccini’s operas, a good meal is elevated to the level of art. In Italy, eating well is the most important thing every day.

Bella Notte is a classic in the heart of America’s most Italian city. But with a secret ingredient: the guardian of the true “sapore da Italia”, is a Mexican American named Ramón Aguirre, who this August 20th, this magnificent restaurant, celebrates their 25th anniversary.

It’s hard to sit at the Bella Notte and not have one of the best dinners you’ve tasted in a long time,” says Jaime di Paulo, president of the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

From the olive oil to the bread mixed with a minimal amount of basil, garlic, and ground red pepper, to the salads, each of the main courses has a common denominator: Ramon makes sure everything respects, in the smallest detail, those recipes perfected by this father.

From that exquisite bread with olive oil that always arrives as an appetizer, all the way to the end, with coffee, cannoli, and homemade spumoni with the perfect magic making.

There are no “specials” in between because, as Ramón proudly tells us, “all the dishes are special”. The homemade pasta, the top-quality steaks and chops, the fresh seafood of the day, the chicken and the beef are of unique quality. As Ramón personally selects the ingredients.

Ramon, the son of Mexican immigrants, was still studying gastronomy and hotel management at Iowa State University when he started working at Bella Notte. And, today, at 45, he sees how this classic manages to survive in the face of so many strange gastronomic experiments flooding into downtown Chicago.

At the Bella Notte, the Farfalle, Rigatoni, Mostaccioli, and handmade Ravioli maintain their high quality and honor the memory of those immigrants who built Chicago.

Ramon is proud to run a family business that takes care of every detail, no matter how small. With so many years of experience, this Mexican American works day and night with the obsession of being able to offer demanding diners a comfortable environment, unique food, and impeccable service.

Ramon maintains the tradition of opening for lunch Monday through Friday and dinner 7 days a week. He also has 2 private dining rooms for private parties.

Offers carry-outs, catering, and delivery, something that works in these complicated times of Covid-19.

Bella Notte has created the ideal environment for all occasions, whether it is an intimate dinner for two, a big family celebration, or a special event. That’s why it has been listed in the Zagat ranking of gastronomic excellence, the most recognized national restaurant guide.

Congratulations to the Aguirre family and the wish like Sinatra, the Ferrari, and DaVinci, the Bella Note, an Italian classic from Chicago, will continue to be so recognized over time.

Do you want to celebrate these 25 years and recognize Ramon’s talent? Support this local business. Visit him at 1374 West Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622 | Phone: 312-733-5136

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