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As it happens every 4 years in August, the United States begins an important stage of its democratic life, which ends with a presidential election in November.

Today, the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC) encourages its members and partners to stay informed, to respect the political debate, to have a respectful exchange of ideas, and to fulfill the commitment of a free vote, guaranteed by our Constitution.

We promote economic development, guarantee technical access to all entrepreneurs and business owners who request it, and defend our community’s general interests, without ever entering particular political-partisan discussions.

We need to continue the path we have been following for 30 years, as an independent, neutral organization, alien to any political interest, having the capacity to sit down and discuss its interests with authorities from any political party.

We understand that any opinion out of place and context can disturb the freedom of vote to which all members of our great community are entitled.

I want to be clear: the IHCC has no political role.

Anyone who promotes this vision intentionally fails to recognize that for many years we have been an autonomous, impartial organization and our decisions, whether they like it or not, are based on the strict application of our internal regulations and comply with the laws in force for non-profit organizations.

We need to be exemplary impartial during any electoral campaign, being exclusively attentive to the fact that all citizens of the Hispanic community who comply with the requirements, can vote freely.

In short, the IHCC needs to endorse its neutral character at this historic moment and offer all its members the guarantee that it will not issue opinions on actions or proposals of any candidate.

I believe that such respect allows us to live together in harmony as an organization. We are all together and we will continue to be together, no matter who wins the elections in November.

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