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More and more small Mexican companies risk everything to grow their business in the United States.

They can’t compete against large corporations in Mexico that control distribution channels and impose barriers for their growth. These small businesses need support to open and conquer new markets.

The role of an organization like IHCC (Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce) is to serve as a link between our members, whether Mexican or American companies, to achieve their goals successfully.

Chambers of commerce play an essential role in fomenting the growth of small businesses.

Mexico’s President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador decision to close “Pro México” (which for several decades was a focused on the promotion of exports and investments in the country), has its consequences. Many Mexican companies are looking for reliable new allies to connect with.

Guacamolito,” to cite a specific example, is a small mexican company that decided to join IHCC recently and today are experiencing the value of our services, thanks to our ability to connect them with decision-makers at all levels. Italia Rodríguez, Guacamolito Sales Manager, has been able to sell an excellent quality product establishing new connections with Illinois companies.

Refrescos “Suavecito” is another case of a Mexican company that has found fertile ground in California and Illinois to grow and compete, avoiding obstacles with Mexico’s significant industries.

The commercial relationship we signed with Guadalajara’s Chamber of Commerce to develop new opportunities, is already flourishing. In short, young Mexican technology developers, women entrepreneurs, and many small businesses in the state of Jalisco will join the IHCC to have their products and services exported to the Midwest, a region with one of the best infrastructures to reach the rest of The United States.

Being members of IHCC offers numerous benefits and keeps business owners and managers up to date to avoid problems, learn about new trends, and prepare for the changes imposed by businesses in the digital era.

Being members of IHCC increases the credibility of companies, which helps opening doors to their services and or products.

Whether your business is in Mexico or the United States, IHCC is here to help.  It doesn’t matter if you only have a business idea or you already have a consolidated business. We are here to help our business community grow!

Visit our site and see all the advantages of being an active member of IHCC.

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