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As part of the new digital content strategy, IHCC’s team needed to be involved in the development of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which adapts our content to find faster answers in Google.

Keywords were one of the most important terms together with the importance within content optimization, in the long term; Google searches lead more entrepreneurs, clients, members and partners to our website.

When redesigning the IHCC website keyword analysis was the first step, we took. They are integrated terms made of one or more words to have their questions answered when introduced in Google. They are the words that define our work.

Kreativa’s digital marketing professionals, which advised IHCC, worked hand in hand with our team creating a world map for our new website, our new blog and our posts on social media.

By defining keywords, Google receives messages from our content revolving around those specific terms.

For a company or organization like IHCC, these “keywords” mean the difference between stand out, read, shared or liked.

Google has millions of opportunities readily available. It does not mean we pick a handful of keywords and splash them in the middle of a post.

An idea needs to revolve a careful content strategy, so the information ends reaching the person who needs it, reaching new readers one by one. And that is exactly what we are working on.

Every time someone needs to know about the Chamber, our keyword map will take him or her directly.

This reflects our vision, our mission, and our daily work

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