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The halting of activities due to the Coronavirus in offices across the country has not stopped IHCC‘s work.

“We are working behind the scenes to ensure that our clients, members, and stakeholders of Illinois Hispanic community are protected during and after this health crisis,” said President & CEO Jaime di Paulo.

Daily, IHCC’s President and the directors of each program assistance are monitoring the situation and maintaining communication with Small Business Administration (SBA) officials.

Our top priority is to ensure the federal government resources begin to reach small businesses.

“We are working simultaneously with all levels of government to minimize the economic impact that this crisis will have on the Hispanic business community in Illinois,” added di Paulo.

A permanent and open communication channel with authorities in Washington, as well as with representatives of main agencies in Springfield, and economic development authorities in the city of Chicago has been established.

There is daily contact with Illinois federal representatives in Congress and state congressional representatives.

90% of the IHCC’s staff is working from home, making calls, participating in virtual conferences and communicating via email with members, partners, and clients who require assistance.

All types of information requests are answered through Please do not hesitate to email us.

Be patient, we are receiving a high volume of emails and our response may take some time.

The most important thing is to stay calm, The IHCC trusts the health measures taken by the authorities of the City of Chicago and the Government of Illinois. We are broadcasting relevant official information on our social networks.

At the same time, we are publishing relevant information, in IHCC’s blog, so our members and associated companies have better tools to withstand the economic crisis unraveling due to the spread of the virus.

Remember the IHCC is here to help. “In this time of crisis and difficulty, we are with you. Together, as always, we will overcome this”, assures di Paulo.

To view the steps to follow so that your small business may access federal aid, click here.

To access tips from an entrepreneur who endured a severe health crisis 3 years ago, click here.

To learn about IHCC’s campaign to support local small businesses during the crisis, click here.

If you are a small business owner in Illinois and require immediate help, you can contact Silvia Bonilla, Director of the Illinois SBDC program operating at IHCC. Fill out the following form and soon Silvia will contact you:

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