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On September 16th, 2019, when all Mexican Americans were celebrating the classic Mexican Independence Day parade in Chicago and shouting “Viva Mexico!” in all its glory, Daniel Rosas was a privileged witness to the miracle of life. His first daughter was born, sealing forever that blood connection this young man born and raised in the Back of The Yards neighborhood has with his parents and grandparents.

From that day on, everything changed for Daniel, who is the youngest financial officer in the history of our Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC). His job includes overseeing the administration and all audits that the IHCC regularly undergoes to ensure transparency and good stewardship of the resources we receive.

In the most tumultuous year in our organization’s history, due to all the complex situations brought about by the pandemic, Daniel has been in charge of overseeing cash management strategies as well as being vigilant that we do comply with all federal and state regulations that the law imposes on a non-profit organization.

His responsibilities over the past year have helped us meet the goal of minimizing costs. Daniel is in charge of making budget decisions and developing financial planning for all of IHCC’s technical assistance program operations.

In this series of short interviews from our blog to those who do the daily work of the IHCC, Daniel tells us his vision of life and how teamwork has helped him become a better professional.

Place of Birth and Current Residence?
I was born and raised here in Chicago, more specifically in the Back of the Yards neighborhood where I still reside today.

What is your academic level?
I attended St. Xavier University.

Who integrates your family?
I live with my girlfriend and our daughter who was born last year on Mexican Independence Day.  I am also really close with most of my immediate family as I am lucky to have my mom, siblings, and grandparents live on the same street as me.

How are the family dynamics like in a normal day-to-day situation, and how have they changed with the pandemic?
For me, my day to day has not changed much with the pandemic as I am still an earlier morning riser to go for a run or workout and I travel to the office every day. Although with the pandemic the workload has increased drastically, I have experienced more of a homesick emotional state of mind with the long work hours.

What are your responsibilities at the IHCC?
I am the Finance and Administration manager at IHCC, I am responsible for all the finances of the chamber as well for all its programs, which are 8 as of now. I also have the day to day responsibilities of dealing with HR and admin duties for the chamber and all its programs.

How is a day at work at the IHCC?
There is never a dull moment at IHCC as there are always deadlines, calls, and emails throughout the day. Can wake up in the morning with a set schedule and agenda but that usually changes as soon as I walk into the office, which makes it impossible to have a boring day at work.

What do you do in your free time?
In my free time, I try to spend as much time with my family as possible, as my daughter is already walking and wants to explore everything possible.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
What I enjoy most about my job is that there is always something new to learn and that I can contribute to the success of IHCC.

What are your most important values and strengths at work?
I would say my most important values and strengths at work are optimism, patience, commitment, and being able to adapt to any situation.

What is your life’s vision?
My life’s vision is to see my daughter grow up and see first hand how she adapts to the world and can create her thoughts and opinions. Professionally continue to grow and learn in my career.

Did the pandemic change that vision?
The way that the pandemic changed my vision is I realized just how quickly time passes by, and things can change at any moment. I am one of the lucky ones that continued to have a job despite a pandemic and will continue to want to learn and grow professionally.

What do you want most to achieve? What are your most important dreams?
My most important dream is to be able to have a lasting career and find the perfect balance between work and family.

What are the main obstacles you face today to achieve that which you desire?
There’s only so much time in a day to do what I need and want to do, and I need to accept it’s okay to prioritize somethings over something else.

What important experience has your work at the IHCC brought you?
An important experience IHCC has brought me is to get out of my comfort zone, and being able to meet amazing people with incredible stories.

What do you enjoy most about working with the IHCC?
I enjoy being a part of IHCC and its team knowing the important impact our programs have on our community. I started working at IHCC a little over 6 months before the pandemic and before the pandemic I was mostly working in the background of IHCC and focusing on reports and finances. When the shutdown happened all the calls from small business owners came in and I was able to see first hand what importance the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has on all the small businesses especially Latino-owned businesses. With our SBDC taking center stage during the pandemic the whole team rallied to answer every business owner and give guidance on how to apply for grants and loans during these uncertain times. It was emotionally draining to hear so many stories from business owners about their history and dreams now turned into fear, anxiety, and concern for their survival. That is why we did everything possible for everyone that came to us for help, and knowing we did our best made me proud to be a part of IHCC.

Which activities at work bring out the best in you?
I would say willing to help others brings out the best in me. Also working as a team and collaborating with other organizations.

How has your work with the IHCC made you a better professional?
Being surrounded by such unbelievable individuals is a big motivation to strive to do better, and knowing what needs to be done in achieving a goal.

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