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The Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC) follows with deep concern the extent of the recent violent acts taking place in Chicago, as well as other important cities in the country, and declares a heighten state of alert due to the increase in assaults, larceny, and looting against small business in our city.

The killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police exerting animosity and bigotry, have left a trail of death, unbridled violence, and ransacking in the Chicago area, against small businesses with no connection to this act whatsoever.

The pillaging and attacks against small businesses are taking place at the eve of the reopening June 3rd threshold, after many weeks of losses and uncertainty.

We share the grief of our brothers in the African-American community due to this unfathomable and loathsome racial act. We support the sacred right to assembly endowed to any citizen by the Constitution. We believe that the President’s response is not up to task. Likewise, we state that many of the attacks against small businesses, as we are seeing on the streets of Chicago, do not share in the peace that some claim he sponsors and upholds,” Jaime di Paulo, President & CEO of the IHCC, stated.

“Our duty as the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is to raise our voice on behalf of those who do not have the tools to guard their assets at a sensitive crossroads in the economy, which due to the pandemic, have wiped off clean their savings and are sacrificing up to the last thing they have in order to upkeep their businesses”, Di Paulo added.

IHCC warns that the acts of violence and looting may trigger a new breakdown in the supply and delivery of goods.

A legitimate demonstration, like the ones on record, should not be tantamount to impunity for no one.

IHCC agrees with the concept that the full weight of the law shall be applied to the bad police officers who killed Floyd, and against anyone abusing their authority prompted by racial segregation.

IHCC agrees with the idea that the President must discontinue his inflammatory diatribe, and he should quit competing with those who are the most violent and forceful, just making matters worse.

Likewise, IHCC agrees with the concept that Chicago’s Federal, State, and Local authorities need to do their best in order to thwart ill-intentioned individuals taking advantage of the situation infringing over the assets and safety of small businesses who have no responsibility for this event.

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