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At the beginning of 2020, we could have never imagined all that has happened as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. An unprecedented public health and economic crisis of epic proportions. I am proud to say that we at the Illinois HIspanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC) worked diligently to rise to the challenge.

The 2020 Annual Report highlights the work of our organization and our response to the most challenging year in our history.

We intensified our commitment to assist the Latino business community, providing direct assistance and working closely in collaboration with all stakeholders.

We prepared ourselves, planned carefully and have continued to execute our work diligently.

And most importantly, we focused on ensuring that our most valuable resource; the talented, dedicated professionals that comprise the IHCC team, had everything that they needed to respond to this very important, unprecedented call to action.

This report is a reflection of their commitment and we share it in tribute to their work. We take great pride in our contribution in these difficult times and are committed to redoubling our efforts to ensure a brighter future. We will get there together. #WeAreHereToHelp.

The economic crisis caused by the pandemic has confirmed the important role that Latino businesses play in local communities. It has also brought to the forefront the critical need that Latino businesses have for ongoing assistance to not only survive the pandemic, but to enable them to reach their full potential.

As Latino businesses survive, renew and thrive; communities and families throughout the Chicagoland area will recover toward that brighter future.

IHCC has faced the same challenge as every other organization: the need to adjust and adapt to changing circumstances while striving to maximize efficiency.

Throughout this period, IHCC has ensured that the Latino business community has access to timely, clear information and assistance; while providing insight to government and corporate stakeholders about emerging needs and recommended actions to meet those needs.

Similarly, and as this reports documents, IHCC continues to gather and analyze relevant data to inform its strategies and approach.

The data shared in this Annual Report documents IHCC’s work and results. It also establishes the fact that Latino businesses face challenges unique to them and IHCC is ready to continue to meet these unique needs.

There is much, much more work to be done and we call on you to join us. To get to that brighter future. #WeAreHereToHelp.

To read the entire 2020 Annual Report, click here.

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