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We are at the end of an atypical election campaign. The Covid-19 pandemic and concerns about health and the economy contribute to the disrepute that we Hispanics naturally have for politics.

A Hispanic mobilization is needed, so we can show the strength that comes from being part of the largest racial minority and force politicians to work better for the good of our community.

That’s why it’s so important to vote. Who you vote for really isn’t the issue. Everyone has their own values and convictions.

We must exercise a right that cannot be left to abstain. Laziness cannot beat us.

What’s best for us is to vote so that we can later make demands with judgment and moral strength.

From time to time, citizens have the right to approve actions or to suspend mandates. This is the time for personal and community commitment. We cannot be lukewarm or negligent in the evaluation.

Illinois has many deficiencies, issues to be resolved, much to be done and more to be undertaken. Of course, there are those who are guilty of the problems, both by action and by omission. We need an economy that continues to help those who seek to undertake, even in difficult times, to make them possible we need efficient politicians, with a vocation for public service and a desire to solve problems.

The demand raises the value of a society, the effort means the continuous progression, the work well done has satisfactory results, so the wisdom forces to vote with the head, rather than the heart.

This fall’s election will mark the first time that Hispanics are the largest racial and ethnic minority group in the U.S. electorate, representing more than 13 percent of all eligible voters and surpassing, for the first time, the number of blacks eligible to vote.

A record of 32 million Hispanics is projected to vote, up from 27.3 million in 2016, according to the Pew Research Center. In Illinois, 11.6 percent of those eligible to vote are Hispanics, or 1,053,000 out of 9,059,000.

We have an opportunity, let’s not waste it. If you can’t vote, tell your friend or neighbor to vote, which is important. And if you can vote and you don’t vote, then please don’t complain.

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