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Every crisis opens opportunities. That’s why, even in time of uncertainty, the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC) continues to work actively with the future in mind, extending its relationships with prestigious organizations to open new perspectives for its members, partners, and clients.

That is why we are developing a strategic alliance between the IHCC, the Texas Altus Global Network organization, and the United States office Confederation of Industrial Chambers (Concamin) of Mexico.

Altus Global Network is an entrepreneur organization that drives the international business ecosystem promoting, from Houston, companies’ development around the world.

The organization promotes entrepreneurship along with global thinking and social impact, the adoption of best practices and innovation for sustained growth, objectives that aligned the mission and vision of the IHCC.

Jaime di Paulo, IHCC President & CEO and Gino Demeneghi, Altus Global Network CEO and Vice President of Concamin North America established the partnership, with a 25-year record of accomplishments in boosting bilateral trade.

Benefits and new perspectives

Members of both organizations will extend in these strategic alliances for business connections with decision-makers, at the administrative, strategic and operational levels, confidentially and efficiently.

It will also benefit to an extensive network of business contacts and the opening of new opportunities specialized advice in two of the most important markets in the country: Illinois and Texas.

IHCC, Altus Global Network, and Concamin USA agree on the economic crisis caused by Coronavirus will open two new scenarios for the future:

Scenario 1:

Supply chain redistributions, taking into account that many companies and industries in Illinois and Texas already understood they couldn’t depend exclusively on China and need to find more suppliers in Mexico.

Enormous opportunities will arise for Mexican companies to become visible and demonstrate they can replace Asian suppliers.

Thousands of U.S. companies that depend largely on importing parts made in China will no longer see the costs, but also the security of having them available when they need them.

Mexican entrepreneurs’ must be prepared to serve U.S. customer needs, including companies requiring certification to become their suppliers.

Scenario 2:

Mexican companies that find themselves in recession on their domestic markets will be able to offer United States products and services, with Chicago and Houston being two new access points to the rest of the territory.

Mexican banks have a unique opportunity for opening lines and credit to new exporting projects.

Companies interested in exploring new commercial opportunities, please contact:

Jaime di Paulo, IHCC’s Presidente IHCC & CEO:

Gino Demeneghi, ALTUS GLOBAL NETWORK’s CEO & vice President Concamin North America:

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