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Nearly 98% of the 100,000 Hispanic-owned small businesses in Illinois qualify today to access Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) federal financial assistance to those affected by the Coronavirus crisis.

However, despite the thousands of inquiries that our team has dealt with in recent weeks, the number of hispanic businesses completing the application process since April 3rd is relatively low.

IHCC’s immediate focus is to assist small businesses to access capital that allows them to “survive” this crisis and reestablish their operations as our economy restores.

A large number of Hispanic businesses affected are upstate and in Chicago. We know that most are reluctant for loans; this is more as a subsidy from the Federal Government.

If your company covers, payroll for 8 weeks and does not lay off staff (or rehire them) credits are forgiven. Your business is entitled to access that money as a gift from the Government.

Even though getting financial aid is easy, the tough part is getting your business going again. With 30 years of experience and its track-record, the IHCC can help you in the recovery stage.

The amount of information is confusing and the need for our business community will continue to grow in the upcoming days.

Our focus is to guide Hispanic small business owners to apply for federal, State or City of Chicago loans. Money is available and many businesses are applying but resources aren’t infinite.

Please do not delay in applying and don’t be afraid. The IHCC’s has the capacity, experience and resources at your disposal. We are here to help. All you have to do is call 312 425 9500 or write us a note at

If you are having problems with your bank, please call us.

To multiply our efforts we are organizing webinars so business owners can gather information to apply for federal, state and City of Chicago aid.

Hispanic business owners need a reliable source for guidance and support. In Illinois, the IHCC has the most experience and operational capacity to provide such assistance.

During these days of emergency and quarantine, the IHCC continues to provide virtual assistance to serve as many companies possible.

We have multiplied efforts contacting members, to expand our assistance capacity, identifying individuals from Hispanic professional organizations and universities interested to join us and assist Hispanic small businesses.

Once the health contingency lifts and consent from the health authorities say it is safe to continue with our daily life, the IHCC has a plan to provide personalized assistance to many Hispanic business owners that continue to struggle.

Our organization’s model has already overcome many economic crises, helping our community when it needs us the most. If interested in our assistance please contact us as soon as possible. Together we will overcome this.

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