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Amid so much negativity around Coronavirus, there is always room for positive and hopeful news.

Recognizing the work that the IHCC has been doing for years, USDOT renewed this spring of 2020 the grant to keep the Small Business Transportation Resource Center’s (SBTRC) office running so that it can continue assisting thousands of professionals and small transportation business owners in the Great Lakes region.

This is the fourth round in which our IHCC office has been granted access to the Federal Government’s benefits. The first round was in 2010. This current recognition will help sustain operations until 2023.

Thanks to the boost from USDOT, the regional office at IHCC, which serves 6 states, will be able to continue training engineers, architects, and many small contractors who have opportunities to undertake and do business with all levels of government.

USDOT currently has 11 centers nationwide. The IHCC office serves businesses and entrepreneurs in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Minnesota.

SBTRC’s director at IHCC, Gabriela García, ensures assistance and training provided annually to an average of 150 small businesses, besides attending national events where information provides thousands of interested parties.

To renew the grant, Garcia and her team worked for more than a month to meet all the requirements and certifications needed by the USDOT. Recognition of the official confirmation was received on March 20th.

We are happy to be an important partner for the Department of Transportation. They are confident the IHCC assists small businesses and we need to keep living up to their expectations, said Garcia.

The money raised covers SBTRC’s operating expenses, which include salaries, technical assistance from consultants, marketing and travel.

The IHCC is a nonprofit organization subjected to strict regulatory and oversight standards for its programs.

Even during the Coronavirus crisis, the SBTRC team hasn’t stopped. They are providing virtual counseling and working with the different agencies from the Department of Transportation, prioritizing financial assistance so Hispanic contractors can also continue to maintain their sources of income.

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