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IHCC’s Board of Directors would like to acknowledge J.B. Pritzker Illinois’ Governor and Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of the City of Chicago, for their actions taken on behalf of local small businesses following the economic crisis generated by the Coronavirus pandemic.

For 30 years, the IHCC has been tirelessly supporting Hispanic entrepreneurs and business owners in Illinois through programs that range from starting a business to contracting with the government.

Today, in times of crisis, we are on the front lines working to encourage the actions of our leaders on behalf of the business community and, all minorities.

Both the Governor and the Mayor have shown strong leadership at a time when we needed them most. They understood that this is not a political issue, but a human one.

They both acted quickly and created contingency funds, ordered new payment moratoria and took concrete actions to alleviate the situation of thousands of small business owners who had to close their doors due to the lack of traffic on our city’s streets.

They quickly understood that the best way to overcome a crisis is to support the weakest links in the productive chain, preventing our economy from falling into chaos.

We have been in permanent contact with them and their economic teams and we know that they have taken into account many of the recommendations made by the IHCC.

We appreciate the fact that both leaders see the IHCC as a serious organization, transparent in all its processes, that fulfills a public mission to support the business community and to Hispanics, the largest minority in the state.

Their leadership will allow us all to emerge much stronger from this crisis. Illinois needs us to unite and work together towards the future. Nothing will stop us.

IHCC Board of Directors

Juan Gaytan, Chairman
Guillermo Garcia
Arabel Alva-Rosales
Matt Gambs
Mayra Khan
Rey Rivera
Art Miller
Richard Negrin
Kevin Bastuga
Luis Puig
Socorro Vazquez
Jaime di Paulo, CEO

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