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My office, still empty due to the pandemic, the sight is astonishing, unique and silent. It is where I wanted to be this January 22nd to write, in silence, these lines to celebrate my two years as President & CEO of the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC).

Our modern and cozy office has been closed to the public and our operations still remain 100% virtual. Despite the closure, our office continues to hold in every corner a little piece of our Hispanic culture.

And I wanted to come here because it represents our dreams, our projects, and our achievements. In every corner, there are challenges and opportunities.

It has been 24 months since I first walked through this door. Time flies by. There have been many challenges and rewards from which I have learned. And I appreciate every moment I have lived here.

Our continued success comes from our two main assets, our customers and our team. The best reflection of everything we’ve done in the last year is in the 2020 annual report. In it, we report on how we have been saving thousands of jobs, assisting thousands of small businesses, and securing millions of dollars to ensure their survival.

I am very proud to celebrate this new anniversary as the leader of an important organization intended to be a player in Illinois’ economic development.

It is especially gratifying for me to celebrate this new year of work, as the future of business technical assistance looks bright. The demand for our services keeps growing. After some adjustments in our programs, we expect to still be at the forefront of helping entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes.

To the Board of Directors, my entire team, our members, our partners, and our clients, I thank you for your continued commitment. I hope this pandemic will be over soon so that we all will share our “30+1 “Anniversary celebration, one of the events that we have planned later in the year.

The Hispanic business community shows its confidence in us by sharing new opportunities and recommending us to others. I am thankful for that trust and continually try hard to do my best to earn it. Those efforts give me a reason to be excited about our future.

Far from weakening us, the pandemic has made us stronger. I’m looking forward to continue contributing to this wonderful organization for years to come. We will look for new solutions to our communities’ challenges and make sure we get through this crisis in good shape.

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