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Dear IHCC Member,

From my home’s isolation, together with my wife and daughter, I write today to thank you personally, and at the same time, give you a glimpse of the work we are doing at IHCC during this mandatory coronavirus quarantine.

As a Mexican, I have seen natural disasters, health, social and economic crisis, but when I see the willingness and solidarity of our Hispanic community while facing these difficult times throughout the state of Illinois, I must say that it has brought one of the most enriching experiences of my career.

Like many companies, we use Slack , WhatsApp and other social networks to communicate internally with our IHCC team.

We have an open task force to follow up on all Chamber issues and move forward with daily activities even if we are in quarantine at home.

It could be a bit overwhelming to go through a large amount of information, however. From the many virtual meetings and phone calls with business community members, federal  oficials, state authorities and City of Chicago, a new way of working has emerged, which explains the complex nature of the Coronavirus and the impact it is having in our community’s lives.

All your questions and concerns are guiding us towards different ways of helping. At this time, we know that people need our guidance and support.

Thanks to our partners and members support, we can fund our work, I want to take this moment to personally thank every one of you. Your support allows us to fulfill our mission to public service during these difficult days.

We invite anyone eager to keep up to date with all the information we are posting on our new blog.

The Coronavirus has put our country under mental, emotional and physical stress. We are having the same experiences as you are. We are committed to our mission, providing our partners, clients and members with the knowledge and help needed to overcome this crisis together.


Jaime di Paulo

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