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The Venture Mentoring Team (VMT) is a 501(c)(3) educational not-for-profit with a dual mission of educating Mentors and helping Startups & Small Businesses gain sustainability and traction. 

We are comprised of experienced executives and entrepreneurs in corporate, legal, academic, profit, and not-for-profit organizations who donate their time and talent. 

These leaders possess the following: 

o Altruism, Empathy & Respect for Others
o Desire for Life-Long Learning
o Deep Understanding in a Field of Expertise o Leadership & Collaboration Skills
o Results Oriented 

VMT Certification assures that our mentors attain the highest standards of mentoring skills and provides entrepreneurs with the best possible mentoring in a safe environment.

Potential VMT mentors complete an evaluation process that includes a background review and interviews conducted by our most experienced mentors. 

The VMT Mentor Training Program is available to other organizations including academic institutions, business development organizations, and for-profit and not-for-profit accelerators and incubators. 

VMT partners with community and academic organizations both locally and nationally with shared goals and values. 

Why we mentor:

  • ✓  Altruism – giving back
  • ✓  Personally Rewarding – help others succeed, and the Appreciation – from both Founders & Mentors
  • ✓  Education – Learn from both other Founders & Mentors
  • ✓  Exposure to latest technologies, marketing & industries
  • ✓  Collegial Working Environment
  • ✓  Networking through working together on common challenges and goals

    What we do for Mentors:

  • ✓  Recruit, Vet, and Train Mentors in the Art and Science of Mentoring Startups and Small Businesses
  • ✓  The VMT Mentor Certification Program
    • ✓  6 – two-hour Mentoring Seminars with pre-reading
    • ✓  20 hours side-by-side Mentoring in a Team Environment
  • ✓  Monthly Mentor Meetings for Continuing Education, Networking, Pitches and Company Updates

    How we select Mentors:

Personal Characteristics:

  • Eagerness to Help
  •  Collaboration Skills
  • Motivation

✓ Lifelong Learning Altruistic
Professional Talents
Industry Experience
Skills Experience
Background Check, 6 Interviews, Training

  • ✓  Mentor Diversity
  • ✓  Flexible Time Commitment

    Our Methodology

    • ✓ Only Mentor Companies in which the Mentor has an Interest
    • ✓ Companies also must Accept each Mentor on the team
    • ✓ Mentor in Teams of 2 to 5
      Diversity of Opinion
      Social Environment
      Eliminates Mentor Burnout
      Enables Continuity if a Mentor leaves Facilitates adding Additional Mentors Diversity of Expertise and Contacts

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Additional Pre-Work and Post-Work includes:
Watching assigned videos
Reading recommended articles and books

Registration Link:
Registration Deadline: June 30, 2021
Additional Information Email:

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