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The Federal Government’s decision to deploy Border Patrol special operations officers to sanctuary cities is reflective of its constant aggression towards our immigrant communities.

This move threatens tens of thousands of businesses established in the State of Illinois, which contribute greatly  to our economy and will likely see a decrease in business following this decision.

“Chicago is a diverse and welcoming City where businesses can grow and thrive, in part because of our immigrant community ,” said Jaime di Paulo, President & CEO, IHCC.

“Our immigrant population is hard working, contributes greatly to our economy and is a valuable part of the very fabric of our city. These announcements only work to instill fear in our communities.”

The IHCC will continue to work with elected officials and organizations to limit or expose over aggressive activities by ICE agents in Latino communities throughout the State of Illinois and City of Chicago.

The IHCC  supports efforts to implement comprehensive immigration reform in order to improve our immigration system, making it more inclusive and respectful of the human rights of millions of honest and hard working people who tirelessly work to give their families and community a better standard of living.

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