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During the Covid-19 crisis, dreams for helping those who need it most shows that borders have no limits. As an example, “Artesanas en Casa” (Artisans At Home), today’s initiative, created by the Dreamer Foundation, has made it possible for Artisans from various indigenous communities in Mexico helping them not only in the source of income, but also donating face masks, food, and providing information on how to reduce the spread of the pandemic currently affecting the world.

The Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC) has joined promoting the initiated by the President and founder of the Dreamer Foundation, Jesus Peña, a young Mexican who is recognized for his philanthropic work and who is also an active member of our business community, for his position as Market Manager for the Aeromexico/Delta alliance.

The IHCC is proud to have active partners like Jesús Peña, who are always thinking about our community and supporting those who have less. Dreams are there to be fulfilled and Jesus is one of those who believe in the ‘yes we can’ and realizes great ideas like the ‘Artisans at Home’,” said IHCC’s Jaime di Paulo, President & CEO.


Throughout the year, at least 12 million Mexicans support their households by selling their artisan goods. Even during tough times, they will sometimes trade their artisan’s goods for food.
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these artisans can no longer work outside to sell their goods without facing the danger of potentially contracting the coronavirus. Altogether, artisans make up 10% of the population.

Young people who were born in other countries and came to the United States when they were minors.

What is the objective of supporting Mexico from the United States by sharing our initiative? Artisans can stay home and won’t have the need to leave their homes to sell their goods, they will make face masks which will be donated to communities in need. The Dreamer Foundation donates $25 pesos to artisans per face mask, volunteers deliver them from home to home. They also donate food and information methods to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

To help artisans work from home, the Dreamer Foundation is raising funds to buy hand-craft masks from the artisans to support them economically and they will donate these masks to their local community.

To complement the initiative, the Dreamer Foundation is donating food and encouraging the communities to share with the message “DONATE if you can, TAKE if you Need”.

Due to the lack of information in communities, the Dreamer Foundation also placed banners to inform Covid 19: Home Care & Precautions.

Every donated dollar to this campaign goes straight to the artisans together with food. All efforts organized by the Dreamer Foundation are complemented by unpaid volunteers.
They believe in the philosophy that the money must go to those who needs it the most. As of now, their efforts are mainly centered in the community of Cherán Atzicuirín (Cheranástico), Michoacán, Mexico, and are looking to expand the program to other communities in the future.

For Transparency: Bank transactions will be published including the signed forms provided to each leader where we show the following results:

  1. Number of Face Masks Distributed
  2. Number of Artisans that the Foundation has helped
  3. Name of the volunteer leader and Location
  4. Number of Volunteers
  5. Total amount donated per face mask of $25 MXN or about $1 USD
  6. Signed by the artisan and volunteer leader

How they do it?
The Dreamers Foundation uses to be transparent with all donations raised.

How can you join the initiative?

1. Simply sharing the following link (copy and paste it on your social networks) :

2. Make a donation on the same link: $1 US dollar can SAVE A LIFE.

How much and how do the Dreamers Foundation pay the artisans?
Through our volunteer leaders in different Mexican communities. Artisans receive $ 25 Mexican pesos or the equivalent of approximately $ 1 US for each face mask they make working from home.

Who distributes the face masks?
All face masks are distributed by volunteers from house to house with their respective protection measures to prevent covid-19 spread.

Where in Mexico are the allies?







Can you create new alliances with Artisans?
Yes, the Dreamers Foundation’s idea is to multiply efforts by adding leaders throughout Mexico in different communities in need. For more information contact


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