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Due to the resounding success of the Small Business Promotion Assistance Program, the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC) is making an open and public call to all bilingual and independent marketing agencies and marketing professionals in the state of Illinois interested in working pro-bono to help a large number of entrepreneurs and micro-businesses affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

The program was launched at the end of January and has already received more than 200 inquiries. In one week, nearly ten appointments have already been made with entrepreneurs who have begun to receive assistance.

The agencies and professionals interested in helping must demonstrate a history of commitment in their community. Additionally, they must agree to donate needed time and materials to guarantee 100% free access to technical assistance in Spanish for small entrepreneurs.

Through a legal compromise, interested agencies and professionals must commit to not charge at any time for any consulting service they offer. Also, not to charge any commission or payment in-kind, directly or indirectly.

The IHCC knows that thanks to the talent and time donated by those professionals, these struggling businesses will have access to more and better tools to sell their products and services online.

The only way for a small business today to be able to compete, grow and reach its full economic potential is to use marketing, communication, and advertising strategies.

Most small Hispanic entrepreneurs and micro-businesses in Chicago and in the rest of Illinois concentrate on reinvesting their slim profit margins to keep operating without seeking these professional services. That’s a mistake, because usually without reinvesting in these professional services , they cannot grow.

That’s why the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce decided to create an Assistance Program that offers them comprehensive assistance at no cost.

Illinois marketing agencies and bilingual freelancers interested in working pro-bono can contact us at 312 425 9500 or

To learn more about the Small Business Development Assistance Program, click here. 

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