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Tristan & Cervantes, IHCC’s Legal Counsel remain available during these uncertain times to provide guidance for your business and address questions concerning the effect of newly enacted federal laws or Governor Pritzker’s Emergency Order that was entered on March 20th. 

Here is a brief summary of the Governor’s Order may impact your businesses/operations due to the “shelter in place” Order (subject to engaging in the required social distancing, per previous orders (No groups of 10 or more and maintaining at least 6 feet of distance apart form each other to the extent possible):

What many may know as the “shelter in place” Executive Order has been entered by the Governor and becomes effective at 5:00 p.m. Saturday, March 21, 2020 and is currently effective until April 7, 2020.

Among the prohibitions are:

1) No gatherings of individuals outside of a single household or living unit and

2) Restrictions on most modes of travel other than walking except for Essential Business and Operations and Minimum Basic Operations.

Subject to social distancing restrictions, some exceptions include those related to Essential Business Operations and engaging in Minimum Basic Operations.

Essential Businesses and Operations include:

1) Stores that sell groceries and medicine;

2) Food Beverage and cannabis production and agriculture;

3) Organizations that provide charitable and social services;4

4) Media;

5) Gas Stations and businesses needed for transportation;

6) Financial Institutions;

7) Critical Trades;

8) Mail, post, shipping, logistics, delivery and pick-up services;

9) Educational Institutions (for limited purposes);

10) Laundry Services;

11) Restaurants for consumption off-premises;

12) Providers of Supplies to Work from home;

13) Providers of Supplies for Essential Business Operations

14) Home-based care and services;

15) Residential facilities and shelters;

16) Professional Services (lawyers, accountants, insurance, and real estate);

17) Day Care Centers (limited to for employees exempted under the Order)

18) Manufacture, distribution and supply chain for critical products and industries;

20) Critical labor union functions;

21) Hotels and Motels;

22) Funeral Services

Minimum Basic Operations include, provided that the required social distancing requirements are followed while carrying out such operations:

1) Travel related to the provision of or access to Essential Activities, Essential Government Functions, Essential Business Operations, or Minimum Basic Operations.

2) Travel to care for elderly, minors, dependents, persons with disabilities, or other vulnerable persons;

3) Travel to or from educational institutions for purposes of receiving materials for distance learning, for receiving meals, and any other related services.

4) Travel to return to a place of residence from outside the jurisdiction.

5) Travel required by law enforcement or court order, including to transport children pursuant to a custody order.

6) Travel required for non-residents to return to their place of residence outside the State.

If you have any questions regarding how the Governor’s March 20, 2020 Order may affect your business, we are available to discuss the matter further. Email us at or call us at 312-345-9200 or contact the partners, Homero Tristan or Pedro Cervantes.

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