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Seeking to guarantee better educational tools to new generations of Latino entrepreneurs, the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC) has established a strategic alliance with iTexico, an important technology company that unites the best of Mexican-American talent, which has also just joined as a corporate member of our organization.

In addition to offering special prices in its wide range of software development services to all our associated businesses, iTexico is committed to strengthening the training and guidance of the LatinX program.

iTexico intends to be a positive member of the IHCC community. They will not only participate in networking opportunities as a contributing member or sponsor but also look to give professional mentoring to the members and provide software development services at a discount.

iTexico plans to have a local presence in Chicago with Kent Koldan, Sr, Director of Business Development in the Midwest region. He will be at the IHCC once a week inside 1871 once it re-opens. He can provide insights into business development concepts, software development, government contracting, and other valuable areas.

Also, they plan to hold a luncheon seminar with Mr. Guillermo Ortega, Co-Founder & COO at iTexico, at the 1871 facility, to discuss how to leverage Latino talent in Today’s Digital Transformation of Business.

They will provide Latino owned businesses with discounted SW development services to enable their mobile apps, platforms, and etc. in a Nearshore+ model.

And finally, they will be providing a revenue-sharing program to help fund the LatinX Incubator that is part of the IHCC.

About Itexico

iTexico is a global digital services company based in Austin, Texas with multiple Nearshore Innovation Centers in Mexico with more than 300 professionals.

The company was founded in 2010 and has its headquarters in Austin, Texas, regional US office in Silicon Valley, SoCal and Chicago, with wholly owned delivery centers in Guadalajara and, Aguascalientes, México.

Since its’ founding, this company has experienced 500% growth while maintaining strong investments in today’s technology platforms and delivery capacity.

They fuel digital innovation that enables companies to transform their business through a wide range of digital service offerings including: Design, Product Engineering, Quality Assurance, Mobile, Cloud, and AI.

Over the last 9 years, iTexico has experienced steady growth by developing strong partnerships with over 250 well-funded early stage, growth, and large transformation-driven companies.

The combination of amazing talent, lower costs, real-time collaboration, and close teaming proximity makes us an attractive innovation partner to corporate clients including Carbon Black, Integral Ads Science, Marriott, Western Digital, HomeAway and many others.

Helping the young entrepreneurs

ITexico look to further the Hispanic entrepreneurial spirit by partnering with the IHCC and LatinX incubator by providing funding, professional consulting inside IHCC facility once a week, and thought leadership in the IT industry with their leaders via IHCC webinars / local events.

iTexico Services Offerings

Design Studio

Design Sprints: Discovery Workshops
UI/UX Design: Refinement
Product Management: Evolution + Growth

Product Engineering
Architecture Solutions
Agile Software Development
Lean Software Development

Quality Assurance
Manual Testing
Automation Testing
Test Farms

Product Discovery
Mobile Development
Mobile Care

Product Development

Rapid Design
Data Management
Process Automation
Machine Learning

iTexico 5 C’s

  1. Convenient to collaborate/team (Client Site, Our Site, Virtually)
    Same time zone for real-time teaming
    2-4 Hour flights and many direct ones from major US cities
  2. Capacity for access to talent
    Thousands of tech companies and quality of digital workers
    GDL = Silicon Valley of Mexico minus the historical VC culture of Bay Area
    80K+ stem grads per year
  3. Cultural Alignment
    Proximity to the US
    English Competency
    Historical Connections
  4. Community for Tech
    Major Universities and Industrial Parks
    Major Tech Anchors like Oracle, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Hp etc
    This Year Mexico was the US #1 Trading partner
    MexicoIT and their continued investments and partnering with companies like iTexico to diversify their economy
  5. Cost-Competitive
    40-60% savings on fully burdened FTE’s (towards the higher end for Bay Area)
    USMCA and renewed and improved Digital IP Protections
    Travel Cost savings both direct and indirect
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