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The first Service Satisfaction Survey that the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC) sent to its partners, customers, and members by the end of 2020 has become a powerful new tool that will further improve the technical support.

The response rate exceeded expectations, as nearly 200 companies responded to the survey.




The results obtained allow us to:

  • Better understand the needs of our customers.
  • Learn more about Illinois’ small Hispanic businesses and the impact they have suffered during the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Improve our main technical assistance programs.
  • Make decisions based on evidence and provide a good experience before, during, and after offering a counseling.

This research allows us to make a difference with other organizations and take concrete actions to improve our work to serve our clients,” said Jaime di Paulo, President & CEO of IHCC.

“The Service Satisfaction Survey is a useful technical resource that help us understanding the concerns of our customers, partners, and members; we always owe them a commitment to maintaining the highest quality service,” added di Paulo.

With all the information obtained with this critical method of quantitative research, it will also be possible that in 2021:

  • We are more attentive to all the details of the service experience. If we ignore any details or issues relevant to our client, the survey is an excellent time to consider what you must tell us and act accordingly.
  • We attract new customers. The survey applies not only to current customers but also to prospects interested in our service. Providing good care will increase the chances of the customer choosing our organization.
  • Feedback to improve. Feedback from customers allows us to take their inputs for continuous improvement.
  • Process, systematize and analyze responses to obtain results that will identify the value in developing our marketing and promotion strategies.

Highlights of the study:

  • 78% of respondents use the IHCC website as an information resource 94.4% Of those who follow the IHCC on social media consider the information useful for decision making.
  • 66.9% participated in webinars organized by the IHCC in 2020.
  • 60.1% have 10 employees or less.
  • 55.2% have maintained their workforce, despite the crisis.
  • 51.7% has been impacted negatively by the Covid-19 crisis.
  • 47% applied for financial assistance through IHCC programs.
  • 87.7% of those who applied received funding.
  • 49% have contacted the IHCC in the last year to expand their network or receive technical assistance.
  • 32% required assistance through SBDC, the best-known program at the IHCC.
  • 31% of Hispanic entrepreneurs use Facebook, and 24% use LinkedIn as the primary social media.

Click here to download the complete 2020 Annual Survey Report

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