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As a business service organization, the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC) works closely with and represents 120,000 Latino small businesses throughout the State. In this role, we have seen firsthand the incredible devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Latino small businesses have faced challenge after challenge over the past fifteen months and many were forced to close their doors permanently. 

Now that we are finally in Phase 5, our small business community stands at a crossroads.

After fifteen months of pain and uncertainty, we cannot simply return to business as normal – if we do, we may lose even more of the small businesses that play such a pivotal role in our communities. 

Therefore, on behalf of the Latino small businesses we represent, we are calling on the City of Chicago City Council to pass the Chi Biz Strong Initiative.

This is the bold plan we need to cut red tape, provide financial assistance and fundamentally reimagine the way business is done in Chicago. 

By extending the third-party delivery fee cap, speeding up the sign permit process, legalizing sidewalk signs, and creating an expedited restaurant licensing program, among many other initiatives, Chi Biz Strong will deliver the type of fundamental reform that our small businesses desperately need to recover fully from the pandemic.

We support this legislative package and ask for the City Council to pass the much-needed Chi Biz Strong Initiative.


Overview of Chi Biz Strong Initiative

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