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Cook County/Cook County Health and the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (“MWRD”) are conducting disparity studies to examine whether minorities and women have equal access to contracting opportunities.

If your firm currently works with or has tried to bid on contracts for these agencies as a prime contractor, subcontractor, or supplier, Colette Holt & Associates (“CHA”) would like to hear from you.


  • For Cook County/Cook County Health’s disparity study, an electronic survey is scheduled for release April 2021, with follow up small group business owner sessions planned for Summer 2021.
  • For MWRD’s disparity study, small group business owner sessions the are planned for Spring 2021.
  • For both studies, written comments are encouraged throughout the process. Comments can be emailed to and to MWRD-
  • Your participation in these two disparity studies is important. The anecdotal Information collected will help in understanding the contracting activities of these two agencies. This includes perceived race or gender-based discrimination when seeking contracts, and in the overall Chicago area economy.

CHA is partnering with Sandi Llano & Associates Inc., a recognized and respected leader in the Chicago area on supplier diversity programs.

Additional information can be found for each study on its dedicated study website.
Cook County/Cook County Health: MWRD:

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