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As the Hispanic community celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, we should use this opportunity to recognize the importance of supporting Hispanic-owned businesses. There is no better way to celebrate this month than by investing in the economic development of the Hispanic community.

The current economic climate has been challenging for minority-owned businesses, especially those owned by Hispanics. Many Hispanic entrepreneurs face significant obstacles, including language barriers, access to capital, and limited resources. Despite these challenges, the Hispanic community has worked hard to build and sustain successful businesses.

Hispanic entrepreneurs provide an invaluable service to their communities, creating jobs and contributing to the local economy. When we invest in Hispanic-owned businesses, we invest in our communities. Supporting these businesses helps create a more diverse, vibrant economy, which is an important part of strengthening our communities.

Furthermore, supporting Hispanic-owned businesses is a great way to show solidarity with the Hispanic community. It is an opportunity to demonstrate that we recognize the value of Hispanic entrepreneurs’ hard work and dedication. By doing so, we can create a more inclusive environment for everyone.

There are many ways to support Hispanic-owned businesses. One of the easiest ways to do so is to purchase products and services from them. You can also spread the word about Hispanic-owned businesses to your friends and family. Additionally, you can look into local programs and initiatives supporting Hispanic-owned businesses.

This Hispanic Heritage Month is the perfect time to show our support for Hispanic-owned businesses. By investing in the economic development of the Hispanic community, we can demonstrate our appreciation for their hard work and dedication. We can also help to create a more inclusive and vibrant economy. Let’s all do our part to support these businesses and celebrate Hispanic Heritage. 


IHCC President & CEO, Jaime di Paulo

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