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Dear Members of the Hispanic Business Community,

I am writing with great joy to share with you that the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC) has been selected as a finalist to participate in the 13th World Chambers Congress, the world’s largest economic forum for institutions and businesses organized by the World Chambers Federation (WCF) and to be held in Geneva in June of this year.

“Contract Radar” was selected out of 111 applications from 47 countries around the globe. Our project stood out as a finalist in the category of ‘Best Innovation Project in the Chamber Model.’ We are excited to compete for the international innovation award with other leading Chambers of Commerce around the world.

Our innovative solution aims to promote wealth creation within the Latino community and reduce the wealth, employment, and wage gap between minority groups. The project’s success will be observed based on its ability to generate employment opportunities and foster economic development, both at the regional and national levels, through direct and indirect means. I am hopeful and eager to see how this project will contribute to the economic growth of our community and country.

The World Chambers Federation (WCF) has held this important biennial event since 2003 to recognize and reward chambers of commerce worldwide for their innovative projects and initiatives. We are excited to share our experiences and knowledge, learn from best practices, and establish networks among entrepreneurs worldwide.

We are proud to represent the Hispanic business community on a global scale and to continue our efforts to promote economic growth, job creation, and wealth creation within our community. 

Best regards,

Jaime Di Paulo, IHCC President & CEO

Learn more about the 13th World Chambers Congress: 

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