Keren Malca

Tollway Program Manager and Administrator

Keren Malca is the Tollway Program Manager and Administrator at the IHCC. She serves to educate, train and prepare small and diverse firms to compete for opportunities on the Tollway system; assisting them with coaching work scope and capacity building, client engagement towards procurement opportunities, and bid activities.

Her previous role as a Project Coordinator with the U.S DOT Great Lakes Region for the Small Business Transportation Resource Center (SBTRC) entailed aiding in deliverables, scheduling client meetings, phone calls, and connecting small business owners to business development courses for entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their businesses.

Keren received her Bachelor’s Degree at National Louis University in Elementary Education with a minor in Sociology. She has participated in many outreach programs aiding communities with resources, including education, transportation, food, and clothing. Keren worked as a teacher for five years. She has experience working in nonprofits and is passionate about serving Latino and minority communities.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling to her parent’s hometown in Peru, including Lima and Chicalyo. Her hobbies include piano, clarinet, pilates, self-care, volleyball, reading, and vegetarian/vegan cooking. She is a big animal lover and owns 3 dogs. Lastly, she loves to disconnect and unwind in nature by hiking and camping.

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