Eneyda Nunez-Valencia

Assistant Events Coordinator

Eneyda’s journey reflects a strong commitment to serving her community and utilizing her skills in administrative tasks and event coordination. Her background at the Mexican Consulate in Chicago provided her with valuable experience as a human resources liaison, which she now brings to her role as Assistant Events Coordinator at the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC).

Her decision to join IHCC stems from her desire to continue making a difference within the Hispanic community while also expanding her professional growth.

Her educational background, with a major in Psychology and a minor in Business Management from Old Dominion University, equipped her with a diverse skill set that she can apply to her role. Her advocacy for the Latino community has been a consistent focus throughout her academic and professional journey.

Outside of work, Eneyda enjoys traveling, cherishes spending time with her niece Zoe, and indulges in her passion for nature. These interests showcase her well-rounded personality and the importance she places on both relaxation and family bonds.

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