Alejandra Natera

APEX Accelerator Project Coordinator

Alejandra Natera currently serves as the APEX Accelerator Project Coordinator at the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. As Project Coordinator, she advises business owners on how to maximize opportunities and get exposed to local, statewide, and government agencies. Under the direct supervision of the PTAC Director, Alejandra ensures that the IHCC PTAC Center operates efficiently and professionally on a regular basis to advance the IHCC/ PTAC commitment to generate resources and advocate on issues that affect the Hispanic business community.

She graduated with a double major in Political Science and Latin American Latino Studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Alejandra has worked alongside transnational non-profit organizations that advocate for immigrant rights and address humanitarian issues at the southern border. In college, she served on a committee that addressed equitable state funding for first-generation college students. She is committed to social justice work and being a voice for marginalized communities.

In her free time, Alejandra enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors. She is part of a coed soccer team and enjoys trying out new hobbies.

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