Ivette Sandoval

Communication Specialist

Ivette Sandoval is the Bilingual Communications Specialist at IHCC and she is responsible for the development and implementation of the IHCC’s marketing and communications efforts. Since 2022, her role as a communications specialist has helped set and guide strategy for all communications, including social media, maintaining the website, doing media outreach, and writing communications materials that articulate IHCC’s mission.

Her career as a communications professional began at the Lawndale News as Managing Editor where her focus was the Hispanic market. She has also freelanced as a writer and editor for multiple publications, including Latina Style, Near-West Gazette, Building & Construction, and online publications like Daily Vitamina. Her passion has always been writing and editing. Her editing career includes education publishing, where she worked as an editor for giant publishing houses: McGraw Hill and Pearson Education focusing on a variety of print and digital products for various states, including California, Texas, Florida and national programs. She also owns an app company where she helps small businesses develop and market their own branded app.

Ivette has a bachelor’s degree in rhetoric (creative writing option) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a minor in advertising.

Her hobbies include photography, re-creating restaurant quality recipes, hanging out with her dog Kenji, and reading books that were turned into movies.

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